The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Tickets in Advance for Festivals in Los Angeles County, CA

As an expert in the festival industry, I have seen firsthand the excitement and energy that these events bring to Los Angeles County, California. With a diverse range of festivals happening throughout the year, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. However, with the growing popularity of these events, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all and plan accordingly. One of the most common questions that festival-goers have is whether they can purchase tickets in advance. The answer is yes, but the process may vary depending on the festival and its organizers.

In this guide, I will provide you with all the information you need to know about purchasing tickets in advance for festivals in Los Angeles County, CA.

The Benefits of Purchasing Tickets in Advance

Before we dive into the specifics of purchasing tickets in advance, let's first discuss why it's a good idea to do so. The most obvious benefit is convenience. By purchasing your tickets ahead of time, you can avoid long lines and potential sold-out events. This also gives you peace of mind knowing that you have secured your spot at the festival. Another advantage is cost savings.

Many festivals offer early bird discounts or special promotions for those who purchase tickets in advance. This can help you save money and allocate your budget for other festival expenses such as food and merchandise. Lastly, purchasing tickets in advance allows you to plan your schedule accordingly. With multiple events happening on the same day or weekend, it's important to plan ahead to ensure you don't miss out on your top choices.

Festivals in Los Angeles County, CA

Now, let's take a look at some of the most popular festivals in Los Angeles County, CA and how you can purchase tickets in advance for each one.


Coachella is one of the most iconic music festivals in the world, held annually in Indio, California. It features a diverse lineup of artists from various genres, as well as art installations and food vendors.

Tickets for Coachella typically go on sale in January, and they sell out quickly. It's recommended to sign up for their mailing list to receive updates on ticket sales and pricing. If you're unable to purchase tickets during the general sale, there is a secondary market where you can purchase tickets from verified resellers. However, be cautious when buying from third-party sellers as there is a risk of purchasing fake or overpriced tickets.

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago is an annual food festival held in Grant Park, featuring some of the best restaurants and chefs in the city. Admission to the festival is free, but you will need to purchase tickets for food and beverage items.

These tickets can be purchased in advance online or at designated kiosks throughout the festival grounds. If you plan on attending multiple days of the festival, it's recommended to purchase a "Taste of Chicago Bundle" which includes 14 food and beverage tickets at a discounted price.

LA Film Festival

The LA Film Festival is an annual event that showcases independent films from around the world. It also includes panels, workshops, and networking events for filmmakers and industry professionals. Tickets for individual screenings can be purchased in advance online or at the box office during the festival. If you're a film enthusiast and plan on attending multiple screenings, it's recommended to purchase a festival pass which grants you access to all screenings and events throughout the festival.

LA County Fair

The LA County Fair is one of the largest and longest-running fairs in the country, featuring carnival rides, live music, food vendors, and various exhibits. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at participating retail locations such as Costco and Walgreens. If you plan on attending multiple days of the fair, it's recommended to purchase a season pass which grants you unlimited admission throughout the duration of the fair.

Tips for Purchasing Tickets in Advance

Now that you know how to purchase tickets in advance for festivals in Los Angeles County, CA, here are some general tips to keep in mind:
  • Sign up for mailing lists or follow the festival's social media accounts to stay updated on ticket sales and promotions.
  • Be aware of ticket release dates and times to increase your chances of securing tickets.
  • Consider purchasing a festival pass or bundle if you plan on attending multiple days or events.
  • Only purchase tickets from verified sources to avoid scams or overpriced tickets.
  • If possible, print your tickets at home to avoid long lines at will call or box office.

In Conclusion

Purchasing tickets in advance for festivals in Los Angeles County, CA is highly recommended for convenience, cost savings, and planning purposes.

With the growing popularity of festivals, it's important to stay informed and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. By following our guide and tips, you can secure your spot at some of the most exciting events in the county and make the most out of your festival experience.

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