A beautiful beginning to the Christmas Season, The Burbank Christmas Nativity Festival features hundreds of nativity scenes collected from all over the world, some are newly acquired, others passed down for generations.

Additionally, the Burbank Nativity Festival features a live nativity, live Christmas music provided by a wide variety of musicians and choirs, and children's games and crafts.

The Christmas Nativity Festival is truly a labor of love, an expression of our belief in Jesus Christ, and our gift to the community. It is an annual event attended by thousands from the Burbank and Los Angeles community.

This event is open to the public. Admission is free.

"It (The Live Nativity) really brought the true spirit of Christmas to the hearts of all those in attendance."
Kathy, Studio City

"It was a wonderful start to the Christmas season."
Donna, Burbank

"WOW! What an incredible, spectacular array of nativities."
Ann, Burbank

"It meant a lot to see the reenactment of the birth of Christ. What a beautiful job."
Norma, Burbank

"Thanks to everyone who made the festival possible."
Leslie, Burbank

"It was special to see the wise men and shepherds come worship a small baby. They showed such deep reverence for the Savior."
Daniel, Burbank

The Burbank Christmas Nativity Festival will be accepting donation to BTAC. Feel welcome to bring non-perishable food items or unwrapped toys.

Click Here for a list of BTAC suggested donation items.

Burbank Christmas Nativity Festival took to the streets in downtown Burbank to find out what how much our community knows about the Christmas Nativity.

Hosted by Bart Johnson, the answers from Burbank teens and children range from sweet to silly...but in the end, it's all about family.

Burbank Live Nativity Photo 2012
Burbank Live Nativity

A simple stable, but a beautiful moment. The Burbank Nativity Festival's live nativity portrays Mary and Joseph at the birth of the Savior. Heavenly messengers herald the birth and beckon shepherds to reverence the new-born King, as the wise men come bearing gifts.

The Live Nativity is a wondrous family event that reminds everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

Burbank Nativity Festival Display
Burbank Nativity Display

The Burbank Christmas Nativity Festival features hundreds of nativity scenes collected from all over the world from South America to the Vatican.

Some are newly acquired, others passed down for generations such as the nativities featured from the Bob and Dolores Hope Collection.

bob hope nativity collection

The Burbank Christmas Nativity Festival features live music provided by local talent, schools, and various religious denominations. This free Christmas musical performance allows you to enjoy beautiful Christmas carols and inspiring choral arrangements as you view the spectacular nativity displays.
Click here to view the current Performance Schedule.